Procedure NoDescription
IGTS-SOP – 001Written Practice
IGTS-SOP – 002Ultrasonic Test
IGTS-SOP – 003Ultrasonic Test- Structural & TKY
IGTS-SOP – 004Magnetic Particle Test
IGTS-SOP – 005Dye Penetrant Test
IGTS-SOP – 006Radiography Test
IGTS-SOP -007Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging
IGTS-SOP – 008Visual Examination
IGTS-SOP – 009Radiation Safety Procedure
IGTS-SOP – 010Tensile Test
IGTS-SOP – 011All Weld Tensile Test
IGTS-SOP – 012Tensile Test at elevated temperature
IGTS-SOP – 013Bend Test
IGTS-SOP – 014Optical Emission Spectrometer
IGTS-SOP – 015Vickers Hardness Test
IGTS-SOP – 016Macro & micro examination
IGTS-SOP – 017Rockwell Hardness Test
IGTS-SOP – 018Portable Hardness Test
IGTS-SOP – 019Fillet Facture Test
IGTS-SOP – 020 Nick Break Test
IGTS-SOP – 021Field Replica Metallography
GTS-SOP – 022Hydrogen Induced Cracking Test
IGTS-SOP – 024Failure Analysis
IGTS-SOP – 025Intergranular Corrosion Test
IGTS-SOP – 026PMI Test
IGTS-SOP -027Tank Inspection
IGTS-SOP – 028Vessel Inspection
IGTS-SOP – 029Paint & Coating Inspection
IGTS-SOP – 030Holiday Detection
IGTS-SOP – 031Pressure Test
IGTS-SOP – 032Radiation Emergency Procedure
IGTS-SOP – 033Charpy Impact Test Procedure (ASTM)
IGTS-SOP - 033ACharpy Impact Test Procedure (BS)
IGTS-SOP – 034Radiography in Pipeline
IGTS-SOP – 035Ultrasonic Test-BS Standard
IGTS-SOP – 036Heat Treatment
IGTS-SOP – 037Structural & Piping Inspection
IGTS-SOP – 040Test Procedure for Radiographic Testing as per British Standard
IGTS-SOP – 041Test Procedure for Vacuum Box Leak Testing
IGTS-SOP – 042Test Procedure for Ultrasonic Inspection as per British Standard
IGTS-SOP – 043Test Procedure for Magnetic Particle Inspection (British Standard)
IGTS-SOP – 044Transportation Security Plan For Radioactive Sources
IGTS-SOP – 045Security Plan For Radioactive Sources
IGTS-SOP – 046Ultrasonic Inspection Procedure for Straight Beam (Lamination / Debonding)
IGTS-SOP – 047Procedure for Physical Inventory Taking & Nuclear Material Accounting & Control
IGTS-SOP – 048Procedure for Export & Re-export of Radioactive Sources
IGTS-SOP – 049Procedure for Handling Radioactive Sources and Protective Devices
IGTS-SOP – 050Investigation Procedure for Loss or Overdose of Personnel Radiation Monitor
IGTS-SOP – 051Procedure for Disposal of Decayed Radioactive Sources
IGTS-SOP – 052Procedure for Removing Source from Pit Room for Project Work
IGTS-SOP – 053Procedure for Keeping Back Source in Pit Room after Project Work
IGTS-SOP – 054Procedure for Outgoing and Incoming Vehicle with Source
IGTS-SOP – 055Procedure for Training on Radiographic Source Security
IGTS-SOP – 056Procedure for Locks, Keys & Safes Management
IGTS-SOP – 057Procedure for Radioactive Source Security Breach / Emergency
IGTS-SOP – 058Measurement of Uncertainty- Hardness Test
IGTS-SOP – 059Measurement of Uncertainty-Tensile Test
IGTS-SOP – 060Measurement of Uncertainty-Impact Test