Phased Array provides…

  • Multiple-angle inspection with a Single, Small, Electronically controlled Multi-element probe.
  • Software control of beam angle, focal distance, and spot size.
  • High-speed scans with no moving parts are much faster than single-probe conventional mechanical systems, at the same time offering better coverage.
  • A-Scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, D-Scan and S-Scans (Sectorial scanning) for full coverage of the components.
  • Many configurations and greater flexibility for inspection of complex geometries such as Flange to pipe joints, pipe to bends, T-joints, Tie-in joints, Transition joints
  • Showing a “true depth” image of defects is much easier to interpret than a waveform. The data can be saved and redisplayed as required.
  • Real-time data interpolation to improve spatial representation of defects during acquisition of data.
  • Code Compliance to ASME Sec VIII (Pressure Vessels) & ANSI B 31.3 (Piping) in lieu of Radiography.